• WEALTH Creation : To create is to cause something into existence not through natural evolution, but from ones own thought or imagination as in invention.

•This definition is important for the concept of wealth creation. It is essential to note that wealth creation is a gradual process. Wealth is not made in a day.
• Wealth is accumulated over time. This ideology of accumulating wealth over time in order to create it leads us to the next key word – Investments

•Wealth like a tree grows from a tiny seed. The first money you keep is the seed from which your tree of wealth shall grow.

To be a successful long-term investor, it is imperative to not only design a well-balanced portfolio of investments, but also maintain the correct asset allocation within the portfolio. With a major contribution of 95% to a portfolio’s returns, asset allocation is a function of the risk appetite and goals of a client.

IMPERIAL FINSOL helps to create the right asset allocation and diversification strategy based on its clients’ investment and risk profile”

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