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Zero Fees

As a mutual fund distributor we offer FREE mutual fund services in India. We do not charge any commission for making investments easier for you.

AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor


We make relationships, not business deals. This is why we go a step beyond SEBI to make sure that our investors are secure in all possible ways.

Transparency is the key

Dedicated Manager

Machines cannot replace the need for human interactions. That is why we at Imperial Money offer 12 hours of an open communication channel in a day.

No question remains

Intelligent Investing

Our reservoir of resources is full of opportunities based on your investment plans and risk appetite. We have options ranging from a thousand different asset classes out of over 10000 funds from all the available Mutual Funds.


In-person Meetings

We do not hide behind hold-on music & call centers to maintain our meetings with the clients. We are always in for regular meetings & calls, even when the market is slow. Physical meetings have been suspended temporarily, keeping the COVID-19 crisis in mind.

Relationship matters

Online Investment

Imperial Money has its own online platform to make transactions like Purchase, Additional Purchase, SIP, STP, Switch, and Redemptions of fund house profiles.


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What Our Clients Say​

Imperial has given me freedom of mind. They provide customised service to Clients depending on their goals and the source of funds. Mr. Deep Gajbe, MD is extremely reliable and can be trusted with the hard earned money. All I had to do was to trust him and see my money grow. Priyanka Maam provides personalized service and assistance around every investment. They are more of a family now. I strongly recommend their service.

Anindita Ganguly

I have started my journey with Imperial three years back like am satisfied with the investment strategies and the growth in my portfolio. Nice and excellent co-operation.

Raju Somkuwar

The company itself is very trustful as they are giving the right information to customers so can invest their money and get returns than they expected, chances of losing money are more if you are not investing in Imperial Money Private Limited.

Suhas Shinde

I have been associated with Imperial Money since last 5 years. Deep sir and team helped me to build a strong financial portfolio with the help of SIP. Deep sir is always a call away for any queries or portfolio discussion. I had amazing experience with Imperial Money, its services, and the prompt support. Thanks, Imperial Money and especially Deep Sir for being part of my financial growth journey. I would definitely recommend to try Imperial Money financial services.


“Imperial Money: A Tale of Triumph Through Diligence and Integrity”
In the world of finance, where numbers rule and strategies reign, there exists a remarkable story that transcends mere statistics. It’s a narrative that celebrates the journey of a simple, ordinary individual who harnessed the power of sincerity and honesty to ascend to the pinnacle of success in the financial realm. Read more

Captain Uday Prasad & Mrs. Rimjhim"

I tested Imperial Money for quite a long than decided to appoint as an advisor diverting all my investments portfolio to them. Now I am comfortable with Imperial Money and getting excellent services with personal touch with the help of Proffessional team.

Ashok Kumar Gupta

The kind of service quality which I come across with Imperial Money is never before. Proactive approach in wealth management and consistent engagement in relationship is really great.

Dr. Bhaskar Salke

A best place to go to start your Mutual Fund investments. Deep is a very professional financial advisor I have ever met. He helps you to get good returns on your SIP investments. I have been in connect with Deep since 4 years now and today I felt it was a right decision for me to get his expert advices. Deep’s best quality is he works with you closely with all integrity and honesty and ensure you get good returns. Thank you Deep, I will need your expert advices to grow my investment in future as well. I wish your services grows around the world now because you deserve that.

Bhawdish Mathur

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