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Dr. Hamilton Naki

Dr. Hamilton Naki: Most Unique Story of the World

The illiterate surgeon of Cape Town, Mr. Hamilton Naki, who could not read nor write a single English word, who had never seen the face of school in his life, was awarded the honorary degree of Master of Medicine.


Let’s see how this is possible…?

Cape Town Medical University occupies the leading position in the world. The world’s first bypass operation took place in this university.


In 2003, one morning, world-renowned surgeon Professor David Dent announced in the university auditorium, “Today we are awarding honorary degrees in the medical field to the person who has performed the most surgeries.


With this announcement the professor glorified “Hamilton” and the entire auditorium stood up. Hamilton greeted everyone.


It was the biggest reception in the history of this university.


Hamilton was born in Sanitani, a remote village in Cape Town. His parents were shepherds. He used to wear goatskin in his childhood and roam barefoot mountains all day.


Hamilton arrived in Cape Town as his father fell ill. The same university was under construction. He joined the university as a laborer. He worked there for many years. After the day’s work, he used to send the amount of money he would get home and shrink himself and sleep in the open ground. He was then hired as a grounds maintenance worker on the tennis court. It spent three years working.


Then his life took a strange turn and he reached a point in medical science, where no one else had ever reached.


It was a golden morning. “Professor Robert Joyce wanted to research giraffes.

He placed a giraffe on the operating table. Knocked him unconscious, but as soon as the operation began, the giraffe shook its head. He needed a hatchet man to hold the giraffe’s neck firmly.


Professor came out of the operation theater, working in the ‘Hamilton’ lawn. The professor saw that he was a healthy young man of strong stature. They called him and ordered him to capture the giraffe.


The operation lasted for eight hours. During the operation, doctors continued to take tea and coffee breaks, although “Hamilton” stood by the giraffe’s neck. When the operation was over, Hamilton left quietly.


The next day the professor called Hamilton again, he came and stood up, holding the giraffe’s neck. After this, it became his routine. Hamilton worked twice as many months and did not ask for more money, nor did he ever complain.


Professor Robert Joyce was impressed by his perseverance and honesty and Hamilton was promoted from the tennis court as a ‘Lab Assistant’. Now he started helping surgeons in the university’s operating theater. This process went on for years.


His life took another turn in 1958. This year Dr. Barnard came to the University and started a heart transplant operation.


Hamilton became his assistant. During these operations, he was employed in the post of Assistant to Additional Surgeon.


Now doctors used to do the operation and after the operation, Hamilton was given the stitch work. He used to stitch well. His fingers were clean and sharp. He used to stitch fifty people in a day. While working in the operating theater, he began to understand the human body more than the surgeons, so senior doctors entrusted him with the responsibility of teaching.


He now started teaching surgical techniques to junior doctors. He gradually became the most important figure in the university. He was unfamiliar with the terms of medical science but proved to be the most skilled surgeon.


The third turning point in his life came in 1970 when liver research began this year and during surgery, he identified a liver artery that made liver transplant easy.

His comments astonished the great minds of medical science.


Today, when a person has a liver operation in a corner of the world and the patient opens his eyes, he is revived with new hope, and then the credit for this successful operation goes directly to “Hamilton”.


Hamilton achieved this position with honesty and perseverance. He was associated with the University of Cape Town for 50 years. He never took leave in those 50 years.

He left home at three o’clock at night, walked 14 miles to university, and entered the operation theater at exactly six o’clock. People used to fix their watches with their time.


He received this honor which has not been awarded to anyone in medical science.

He was the first illiterate teacher in medical history.


He was the first illiterate surgeon to train 30,000 surgeons in his lifetime.

He died in 2005 and is buried at the university.


The surgeons were then mandated by the university to visit his grave after earning a degree, take a picture, and then engage in his service work.

“You know how they got this position?”


Only a “YES”!!!

The day he was called to the operating theater to hold the giraffe’s neck, if he had refused that day, if he would have said, “I am a grounds maintenance worker, my job is not to hold the giraffe’s neck then ..? ‘ Think!


An only one “Yes.” And there was an extra eight hours of hard work, which opened up the door to success for him and he became a surgeon.


“Most of us spend our lives searching for jobs while we need to find work.”

Every job in the world has criteria and the job is only available to those who meet the criteria whereas if you want to work, you can start any job in the world in a few minutes and someone’s strength will not stop you.


Hamilton had found the secret. He gave importance to work instead of a job. He thus changed the history of medical science.


Think! If he applied for a surgeon job, could he become a surgeon? Never, but he caught the giraffe’s neck and became a surgeon.


Unemployed People Fail Because They Only Seek Jobs, Not Work.

The day you start working like “Hamilton”, you will become a successful and great human being.


So, the Overall Lesson learned by this unique story is that our life story can be changed by saying only a single “Yes” in terms of our Financial Planning also. Likewise many times our financial advisors called us regarding the cheap prices of the products but by checking the relevancy and if you come to a decision that the logic is relevant and do not hesitate to buy cheap financial products so that you can generate amazing profits in your portfolio.


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Happy Investing!!!


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