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Deep Gajbe

Deep Gajbe


Director Imperial Finsol Pvt. Ltd. Re-balancing portfolio Expert, Retirement planning Expert, Ex. ICICI Bank Ltd. Ex. Intas Pharma Regional Manager. Sales & Marketing is a passion. Trainer, Blogger, Writer, You-tuber, believe in Knowledge is Most Biggest asset of the life and the right Implementation of Knowledge in right Direction will optimism your success.

Jyoti Patwardhan

Jyoti Patwardhan


Graduate of Computer Science, Prior To Joining Imperial Finsol Worked With Hdfc Bank Handling Rest Of Maharashtra And Goa Credit Card Operations For About 4 Years. Joined Imperial Finsol, Pune Branch in 2011 as an Operation Manager

Meet Imperial Finsol, a Firm committed for providing a personalized solution for your Wealth Management needs. We help you to make smart investment choices with your money to get maximize returns. Knowledge of the financial markets and dedicated Client service team, are the pillars of our success. We now catering to 2000 plus clients. We are a preferred choice of Clients when it comes to Wealth Management.

Core Values

  • Disciplined
  • Ethical
  • Transparent
  • Service Driven
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Honesty
  • Efficiency
  • 9+

    Years Of Experience
  • 2000+

    Happy Customers
  • Start A Good Plan

  • Experienced Experts

  • Grow Your Business

  • Company Values

vision and mission


To become a trusted name as Financial Advisory and Wealth Advisory firm in National and International Markets.


To increase Assets Under Management of Rs 1000+ Crore in coming 5 Years.


1. To be the most Preferred Wealth Solution Provider across Investor Categories spread over different Geographical territories

2. To maximize Customer Satisfaction through professional Wealth Management services.


Convient way to enter in the Stock Markets, Debt Markets and Money Markets.

Mutual funds are ideal for investors who wants to invest in various kind of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have time and expertise to pick winning stocks, better realization in debt funds and value addition in liquid funds. Mutual funds gives you an Advantage of Professional Management, Lower Transaction Costs, Diversification, liquidity and Tax Benefits.

Liquid Fund is a type of debt mutual fund,open-ended scheme which have a short-term investment horizon. These invest in money market instruments like the certificate of deposit,treasury bills and commercial paper of up to 91 days. The investment objective is to preserve capital and provide income via creating ample liquidity. You can choose to invest for a few days or months depending on your fina ncial needs.The fund returns are according to the prevailing market rates.The best part is that there is no exit load applicable for liquid funds. These are available in va ria nts like Daily/Weekly/Monthly Dividend and Growth option. You can earn steady returns over short time intervals. Moreover,you can redeem a part orthe entire amount of investment within 24 hours.

Debt funds

Short duration fund ( 1yr - 3 yr) - 9%
Overnight funds (1day) - 6.5%
Low duration fund ( 9 - 15 month) - 8.5%
Liquid funds (30day - 90day) - 8.5%
Ultra Low duration fund (3 months - 1 yr) - 8%
Liquid Funds

Current Account

  1. 1. No interest gain
  2. 2. Different charges for Package Account
  3. 3. Minimum Balance Required
  4. 4. Taxation as per income tax slab rate

Liquid Fund

  1. 1. Interest Calculated on daily basis.
  2. 2. No entry or exit load
  3. 3. Not related to share market
  4. 4. Weekend fund parking benefit
  5. 5. Normal taxation as per Income Tax slab
  6. 6. Your money is working 24x7
FD vs DF

Fixed Deposit Vs Debt Fund : Tax outgo and Actual Returns

Debt funds offer higher Returns than FDs

Fixed Deposit Debt Fund
● Investment ₹ 100,000 ₹ 100,000
● Amount after 3 year ₹ 1,25,971 ₹ 1,25,971
● Indexed cost of purchase Not Applicable ₹ 1,19,102
● Gains ₹ 25,971 ₹ 6869
● Tax Payable ₹ 8025 ₹ 1374
● Net Gain ₹ 17,946 ₹ 24,597
● Effective Returns 5.65% 7.61%

Returns are assumed to be 8%, inflation 6% & tax bracket 30%

  • Tax on Interest Plus TDS as per Income Tax slab
  • Lock in period
  • Penalty on Premature withdrawal
  • Returns calculated with Indexation benefit
  • No lock in period
  • No exit load after 1yr

Mutual Funds are risk adjusted method of Creating Wealth. Equity Mutual Funds manages a risk lot better compared to other asset classes, as it is handled by professionals. Due to their knowledge it offers better Stock Selection, Regular Investing & Razor Sharp Research. Many good mutual funds actually have the capability to offer best Risk adjusted returns compared to different asset classes. Ex.- FD, Gold, Insurance investment, PPF, GPF Etc. in long term.

  • Diversification
  • Professional Management & Well Regulated
  • Disciplined Investment Approach
  • Low Transaction Costs
  • Liquidity
  • Tax Benefits
  • Transparent
  • Easy to Invest & Track
  • Low Volatility & Better Returns

    We ensure that the mutual fund which you are planningto invest in,has been in existence for a last 40 years in the Indian market. This will ensure that they have gone through multiple cycles of the market.


    The qualifications and the longevity concerned FUND MANAGER also matters a lot. We do a quick check on the experience of the FUND MANAGER and their past performance.


    TWe Access the AUM (Assets under Management) of the fund. Also the Returns and past performance is importa nt although the risk factors state that they do not reflect future performances.

    Check the Investment Framework,Investment Allocation and the Portfolio Mix of the fund.

  • Invest in across all the schemes be it Liquid, Debt, Balanced or Equity schemes across all AMC's.
  • Option to invest in Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plans(SIP) Systematic Transfer plans( STP ), Systematic Withdrawal plans( SWP ) & New Fund Offers(NFO) across.
  • Safety Of Client Money Is Our Top Priority
  • Invest in across all the schemes be it Liquid, Debt, Balanced or Equity schemes across all AMC's
  • Value approach across asset classes
  • Appropriate Risk management as per Client Financial objective.
  • Growth & Liquidity with better Fund management.
  • Offers Best Mutual funds that suits your Investment time horizon for better Returns.
  • Booking profit when market is High
  • Investing when market is Low
  • Gives better returns on Investment with more stable Portfolio
  • Manages better liquidity in portfolio in turbulent time.
  • Adequate liquidity enables us to take advantage of better investment.
  • Switching of funds from Equity to Liquid & Liquid to Equity at Appropriate market conditions.
  • Timely Restructuring & Rebalancing of Portfolio
  • Flexibility to invest online through a Single Login across all devices-Web, Mobile....
  • Instant order placement and confirmation facility through our Advanced Trading Platforms.
  • Processing of Online Investment & Redemption within 10 minutes
  • Integrated access to Trade-Track-Review your portfolio through multiple platforms across all asset classes.
  • Online tracking of in-built portfolio
  • Users Friendly receiver image Imperial Money App for Tracking & Viewing Portfolio
  • 8 Years of Wealth Creation
  • 1700 plus Relationships Worldwide
  • 2000 plus running SIP'S
  • Fastest Growing AUM of 100 + Cr.s
  • Online tracking of in-built portfolio
  • Long term Client Relationship due to Transparent, Honest and Knowledgeable approach
  • Dedicated Customer Service Executive with a 12 hours Query Resolution
  • Provide a Sense of Stability & Peace of mind to clients.

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When the wealth management what is most important is transperancy & knowledgable solution which will address the need of the client & we at IMPERIAL FINSOL is truly believe in this need based solutions.


In this material IMPERIAL FINSOL Pvt. Ltd. has used information that is publicly available, including information developed in-house. Information gathered and used in this material is believed to be from reliable sources. The Company however does not warrant the accuracy,reasonableness and or completeness of any information. We have included statements / opinions / recommendations in this document, which contain words, or phrases such as "expect", "should", "believe" and similar expressions or variations of such expressions that are"forward looking statements". Actual results may differ materially from those suggested by the forward looking statements due to risk or uncertainties associated with our expectations with respect to, but not limited to,exposure to market risks, general economic and political conditions in India and other countries globally, Which have an impact on our services and / or investments,the monetary and interest policies of India, inflation, deflation, unanticipated turbulence in interest rates,foreign exchange rates,equity prices or other rates or prices etc.

The strategy mentioned in the document is currently followed by the company and the same may change in future depending on market conditions and other factors. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.There is no assurance of any capital protection/capital guarantee to the investors.The sector(s)/stock(s) mentioned in this document do not constitute any recommendation. Investors are advised to consult there own legal/financial advisors before investing.

Additional information and Key Information you can get from our website https://www.imperiaIfin.com "Mutual Funds Are Subject To Market Risk"