Are You Preparing Yourself For The Big Opportunities In Investments?

Are you ready for investment

Are You Ready For Investment?


Around 500 million or roughly 50% of the total Indian population belongs to the working class. India being a developing nation, some darker social elements, especially poverty, are still in the process of eradication. Millions of people earn enough only to survive by fulfilling their basic needs. But there are millions more who earn enough to save for the future.


The concept of saving money has been since long in India and with time people started saving through goods that could grow as assets. In the near past, people have been aware of investing their money in the banks mostly in the form of FDs (Fixed Deposits). But one thing people fail to notice is that with the growing economy, inflation depletes the value of money every year. Even the best of banks in India give you returns up to 6% – 7%, and the average annual inflation rate goes up to 4% – 5%, thus leaving you with very little margin to grow the net value for your investments.


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What could be done?


First thing is to prepare your mind for the investments. With good investments comes risk and it is for no one else to decide how much can you increase your risk appetite. It is not a fact that you can invest money only with high risks. There are a lot of other options for investments. The investment works on a simple equation: high risk for high returns, and the opposite holds. The Risk Appetite is not developed overnight and neither is very feasible for people who are new to this side of the investment. The middle ground for a safe yet yielding investment is Mutual Funds. It is not rocket science to understand what exactly does that means. Mutual funds help you invest in a pool of securities and shares of multiple companies. A Fund manager pilots the investments of multiple investors of that pool.


The most popular way to invest in mutual funds is through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plan). Like some RD (Recurring Deposits) services provided by several banks, SIP requires you to regularly pay a fixed amount of money after a fixed period. But unlike RD (returns of 6% -7%), mutual funds give you a much better return (over 10%) annually on the same amount of capital. One additional benefit of investing in mutual funds is that many options help the investor opt for an appropriate fund that is affordable and with a comfortable investment period.


Due to the dynamic nature of the market, people always are in a catch as to when to start the investment to optimize the growth. The concern is not wrong but the mutual fund is not affected by the time you invest in; mutual funds are diversified investments and are not much affected by the choice of timing much, and hence there is no right or wrong time to start investing in mutual funds.


It is not very difficult to understand how this works but it gets a bit tricky when it comes to choosing which fund to invest in. Therefore verified guidance, preferably from an advisory firm, is highly recommended when investing. Moreover, a good Fund Manager will always help you grow your money in the best way possible.


Imperial Money Private Limited is a dedicated company that provides personalized financial services for investments, mutual funds, estate planning, insurance, wealth creation, and financial management. Imperial brings you one of the finest mutual fund managers with whom you can invest hustle-free.


Along with investments in mutual funds, many other factors like insurance, estate planning, future financial planning is essential for securing a better future not just for yourself but also for your loved ones. Handling money smartly is the need of the era where the economy and markets touch a new sky every year. So plan your investment wisely to have a better life ahead.





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