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Asset solutions are the organized process of devising, operating, managing, updating, and losing assets in your favor, cost-effectively. One must know personal, curated consultations for your individual investment. You can identify a personalized asset, allocate it to yourself and develop it for maximum returns. You can increase your investments depending on your risk-bearing potential. We use a diversified portfolio to assess the classes and styles of assets, and use several limited partnerships to accomplish our objectives.

Carefully monitor the investment portfolio such that it remains consistent with the specific asset allocation policy. Rebalancing is done continuously if the relative value of the investment in any portfolio changes. We also conduct annual reviews to evaluate performance, review the investment policies, assess what is working and what is not, devise certain methods based on personal preferences, and offer accounts of accounts, including all the transactions done and total asset value.

How do we conduct the asset management process?

When you meet our app Imperial Money, it will present you with all the details and terms of our business, along with the procedure of operation we have video for it as well.Imperial Money will make & prepare a wealth management plan and commit to a rigorous six-step planning process, followed by the implementation and detailed review of the results it brought to you.

A short summary of Imperial Money process is as follows:

1. Data Gathering

Establishing details about your income, liabilities, assets, and expenditure is significant to create a proper plan without investment risk.

2. Goal Setting

By understanding your goals for the short and long term, You need to add data in Imperial Money to get an idea of your goals and challenges.

3. Defining the terms of engagement

As we appoint an individual service manager, we also need to assess the terms of engagement, the service deliverables, and the chargeable fees for your personalized service requirements as per the rules & regulations of SEBI keeping in mind.

4. Identification of Needs

You must assess your current standing to have a clear idea of how far you are from your goals and what more needs to be done to meet your objectives. Imperial Money helps you to access this as well.

5. Preparing Reports

Imperial Money presents you a report with Robo analysis and recommendations as a formal review of all your communications to create an action plan.

6. Analyzing the Opportunities and Challenges

Risk management and analysis is an important part of any investment plan so that you always know the risk associated and the alternatives to taking whenever your wealth planner proposes it.

7. Implementation

Once you have all the planning done, you have to work towards the implementation and also focus on changing any arrangement that is not working. You also liaise with professionals and providers to implement the devised plan.

8. Review and Revision

We believe that wealth creation is a long-term commitment that needs regular reviews. With changes in your circumstances, your fund performance will also be affected, and you will have to work towards better returns.

Planning is the key to success.

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