Best Investment Options for NRIs 2022 | Investment Lessons for NRIs and OCIs

Best Investment Options for NRIs 2022

Are You Looking for Best Investment Options for NRIs in 2022?


Hello NRI Investors,


Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd. are in Investment Consultant Stream Since 2011 it has been 11 years now, Still, NRIs frequently asked us these questions to us, “Where should I invest my savings?” and “What are the Best Investments Options for NRIs in 2022 for investing?”


In our own country, a developing market with bright potential or Global opportunities for a share in the pie of well-established companies with strong competitiveness.


There is no simple answer to this question, in fact, the only way to answer it is to ask a slew of additional questions, the most important of which being, what are your long-term financial goals in life?


Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) can invest in Indian mutual funds on full repatriation or non-repatriation basis, respectively.


Before investing, NRIs will have to meet all regulatory criteria, such as completing a KYC. This should be noted, however, that several nations, such as the United States and Canada, have prohibited NRIs from investing in mutual funds without making required disclosures. NRIs from these countries should verify with their advisor to see if investing in Indian funds is feasible before doing so. When it comes to investing, NRIs get the majority of the perks and advantages that native Indian investors have.


Do you want to Invest in India as an NRI, PIO, or OCI?


Best Investment Options for NRIs in India Investors can invest in SIPs, switch whenever they want, choose between growth and dividend options, and repatriate the redemption funds whenever they desire. As a result, NRIs and PIOs can participate in a wide range of Indian Mutual Fund schemes and reap the full benefits of doing so.

These are the major countries with FIXED DEPOSIT RATES and these are the countries even major NRI are residing in too.


countries interest rate





This shows that India has not been corrected that much wherein the global markets had been corrected far more than and why this happened because the valuation in the Indian market is not much expensive and it is still better than across the peers.


This table puts the extent of FII selling and its impact in proper perspective. GFC led to 5.2% selling of FII holding while in the current period they have already sold close to 4.2% which is higher than all other periods except GFC. In nutshell, there is not much steam remaining in FII to go out of India.


FII selling and its impact in proper perspective.


There is a huge positive undercurrent in the economy is going on and this current is very much visible in the data analysis.


There are 4 kinds of balance sheets mainly which is driving the economy


1) Corporate balance sheet

2) Government balance sheet

3) Banking balance sheet and

4) Individual balance sheet


The below chart of the individual balanced sheet is clearing showing is getting much more powerful in the last 6 years.


individual balanced sheet is clearing showing is getting much more powerful



Per se, the government, corporate, and banking balance sheet is too amazing and this was never before kind of strength it has.

The following data points will give us a little more clarity about the economy.


global scouring hub

global scouring hub


There are ample reports available across the platforms and the data research economical organizations which are indicating that India will emerge as a new powerhouse on the global front.


 We have 4 basic questions for the investors


  • When the growth and stability of any country are so visible then what we are keeping always ourselves by not investing in India?
  • Are you with the trend & in line with the globally fastest-growing country?
  • Do we have enough exposure to tap this growth opportunity?
  • Where you are getting this growth if not in India, then?

india gdp chart

india gdp chart



We believe in all parameters India is still an amazing destination for global investing growth and would be the leader in so many segments. China + 1 policy will bring a backlog of FDI in India along with the PLI scheme offers. 135 cr. population consumption will consistently help out to keep burning the engine and generating the power of profit in the economy. We are going through a little tough time however it has been observed that only investors make money those who made an investment in tough or bad times.


These are some Facts that you should be aware of before starting your journey in India as an Investor or you can face some financial issues while starting your financial journey.


To avoid these common financial mistakes try consulting a financial advisor near you or call us at +91- 9595889988




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