"The underlying principles of sound investment should not alter from decade to decade, but the application of these principles must be adapted to significant changes in the financial mechanisms and climate". - Benjamin Graham

Liquid Funds

Liquid Fund is a type of debt mutual fund, open-ended scheme which have a short-term investment horizon. These invest in money market instruments like certificate of deposit, treasury bills and commercial paper of up to 91 days. The investment objective is to preserve capital and provide income via creating ample liquidity. You can choose to invest for a few days or months depending on your financial needs. The fund returns are according to the prevailing market rates. The best part is that there is no exit load applicable for liquid funds. These are available in variants like Daily/Weekly/Monthly Dividend and Growth option. You can earn steady returns over short time intervals. Moreover, you can redeem a part orthe entire amount of investment within 24 hours.

Fixed deposit vs Debt Fund : Tax outgo and Actual Returns

Debt funds offer higher Returns than FDs.

Returns are assumed to be 8%, inflation 6% & tax bracket 30%

Fixed Deposit

  • Tax on Interest Plus TDS as per Income Tax slab
  • Lock in period
  • Penalty on Premature withdrawal

Debt Fund

  • Returns calculated with Indexation benefit
  • No lock in period
  • No exit load after 1 yr

Liquid Fund

  1. Interest Calculated on daily basis.
  2. No entry or exit load
  3. Not related to share market
  4. Weekend fund parking benefit
  5. Normal taxation as per Income Tax slab
  6. Your money is working 24x7

Current Account

  1. No interest Gain
  2. Different charges for Package account
  3. Minimum Balance Required
  4. Taxation as per income tax slab rate

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Mutual funds is the best investment asset class. Good Valuation, Better Volatility Management & Credible, Capable manager will generate Better Returns.

DEEP GAJBE IS MD & CEO for Imperial finsol Pvt. Ltd.

Equity Mutual Fund Framework

It is difficult for a lay man to pick up stocks which will give him highest returns; but a right Advisor will give you good option at the particular time to get risk adjusted returns to get better & higher post tax returns compared to FD This is exactly where genesis of good investment lies.

Why to invest in Mutual Funds?

Convenient way to enter into the Stock Markets, Debt Market, Money Market.

Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick winning stocks, better Realization in Debt funds and value addition in Liquid funds. Mutual funds give you the advantage of professional management, Lower Transaction Costs, and Diversification, Liquidity and Tax Benefits.

How Equity Mutual Funds manages the Risk ?

Mutual Funds are risk adjusted method of Creating Wealth. Equity Mutual Funds manages a risk lot better compared to other asset classes as it is handeled by professionals Due to their knowledge it offers better Stock Selection, Regular investing & Lots of Research. Many good mutual funds actually have the capability to offer best Risk adjusted returns compared to different asset classes. Ex.- FD, Gold, Insurance investment, PPF, GPF Etc. in long term.

Key Benefits of investing in Mutual Fund

  • Diversification
  • Professional management & Well Regulated
  • Disciplined investment approach
  • Low transaction costs
  • Liquidity
  • Tax Benefits
  • Transparent
  • Easy to Invest & Track
  • Low Volatility & Better Returns

What is our criteria for choosing Best Mutual Funds for you?


We ensure that the mutual fund which you are planning to invest in, has been in existence for a last 40 years in the Indian market.This will ensure that they have gone through multiple cycles of the market.


The qualifications and the longevity concerned fund manager also matters a lot. We do a quick check on the experience of the fund manager and their past performance.

We Access the AUM(Assets under Management) of the fund. Also the Returns and past performance is important although the risk factors state that they do not reflect future performances.

Check the investment framework, Investment allocation and the portfolio mix of the fund.

Our Offerings

Invest in across all the schemes be it Liquid, Debt, Balanced or Equity schemes across all AMC’s.

Option to invest in Lump sum,Systematic Investment Plans(SIP’S),Systematic Transfer plans(STP’S), Systematic Withdrawal plans(SWP’S) & New Fund Offers(NFO’S) across.

Why invest with Imperial Finsol?

  • Safety of client money is our top priority.
  • Growth & Liquidity with better fund management.
  • Offer best mutual fund that suits your investment time horizon for better returns.
  • Processing of online Investment & Redemtion within 10 minutes .