Entropy!!! Why You Should Know this?

Entropy!!! Why You Should Know this?


The concept of Entropy is formulated by physicists in the nineteenth century by Ludwig Boltzmann and Rudolf Clausius. Entropy is a measure of the amount of energy that escapes from or is not available to a given process.


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Take a glass, fill it with ice cubes, and leave it in a warm room. The ice cubes will start melting slowly at first, but then more and more quickly. The final few chunks of ice, swimming in warm water, will take no time at all to dissolve. What’s more, once they have begun to dissolve, the process is irreversible. The process of melting cannot be turned back and ice cubes recreated.


The Systematic Investment Plan works exactly in a similar way but the opposite of the Entropy. It first shows nothing but then builds the wealth so fast that one can’t imagine. That’s the reason even if we delay the investment by 1 year 10% of our 20 years wealth gets hampered. This means let’s say if you are starting the sip of 5000 and with 12% returns you may build the corpus of 46 lakhs, but when you delay your investments by 1 year, so in 19 years you will land up with the corpus of only 40 lakhs.


But once you left the time of your life then you can’t make it reversible. The time which was in your hand has been finished. Now it’s only memory.  “I wish I had”.


You might say that I can tip the water back into an ice cube tray, put it back in the freezer, and re-freeze it. True, but that will not be a recreation of the original cubes. And you need the new energy to create which means your time and cost both are involved in that.


The ancient Hindu philosophical school known as “Sankhya” described it as an interrelationship between energy and inertia which we can use as the form the entropy. The Buddhist concept of Nirvana is Also a part of entropy.


Take the fresh piece of fruit, peach, or mango, and leave it on a table in a warm room. At first, nothing will appear to happen.  Then slowly spots will appear, the fruit will become soft to touch, and then very suddenly it will begin to rot.


The process of decay will advance rapidly until you are left with nothing but a pool of smelly goo. And you cannot reverse the process.


That’s called Time Arrow at work.


In life, the philosophy is the same. So the fruit and the moment of saving the need to work before the time will get away from you.


What’s done cannot be undone. Once the arrow of time shot from the bow, it cannot recall, it continues to its target. But we need to decide what my target for that matter is; else arrow will hit the wrong target. So planning is needed.


Entropy means everything is decay and we need to change the new ways what’d things. It’s a time when we need to change to the mutual fund instead of fixed deposits else what happened to decades of moat successful auto major for 90 years got bankrupt in 2008.


Can entropy be overcome?


In the long, cosmological frame of the time, the answer is no.  Physicist tells us that the universe is bound to decay in the end, but the purpose of our own life and our world, there is a solution.


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Make sure you remain dynamic. Injection of fresh energy, capital, technology, creative brainpower, imagination can turn corporations, countries, and organizations around, help them to rebuild and grow this same applies to our life as well. The only thing we need to think out of the box for our investments too.


Entropy always exists. It can’t be beaten. The struggle against the forces of entropy is constant. And ongoing, and we need to always guard against it. The moment we will guard lower, the moment we complacent, the decay of our life begins.



Happy Investing!!!


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