Have You Planned for Your Child’s Education Yet?


India is a developing nation and with the betterment of the economy, the quality of life among the people in India has been up to along the graph. With a rising economy especially since independence, a lot of sectors have boomed across the country. People now have enough to survive and invest in things that increase the quality of their lives.


Have You Calculated Your Child’s Education Expenses? If Not, Then Calculate Here At:



With all the commercial sectors blossoming recently, education has been one of them. The percentage of people getting educated is increasing, but the quality of education is on the rise. More schools are being set up in rural areas, and better infrastructures are being introduced in urban areas. Education now is about the academics and the student’s overall growth and to bring that into practice schools these days need better resources. The increasing need for resources inflates the school fees, especially in urban cities. Child education is now an important part of the planning among parents, in terms of finances.


Why child education planning?


An average 2-tier urban city child needs to be spent 20k – 80k alone on their school fees per annum. Leave apart the miscellaneous costs, accessories, extra tuitions, etc. Also kids these days are involved in some extracurricular activities, which also take up a significant amount of finances. All these costs may not seem a lot for a year but this spending goes on for around 15 years. The second and the most significant part of child education planning comes into the picture for graduation and post-graduation. College fees in India go in lakhs per annum and it becomes difficult for middle-class people to manage their finances.


Also with increasing per capita income, privileged people have started applying for foreign universities for graduation and post-graduation these days. But due to global economic diversity and India being a third-world country, people here have to face huge financial investment for the same. The expenses often touch 100 lakhs.


You can plan your child’s education cost with a child education planning calculator. A child education calculator helps you to know how much money you need to save for your child’s future education.


What should you do?


All these expenses need proper education planning to execute and to avoid debts in the longer run. People often go for an education loan which is usually repaid by the students after education. But unfortunately, not all succeed with this plan and often end up in financial loss or debt. Another solution to this could be investments in the Indian market.


Mutual Fund is one such way through which parents can achieve financial security after their child’s education. Mutual Funds require you to invest an affordable amount over a large period at regular intervals. People should start investing in mutual funds from the very start to get the returns at the time of expenses are executed. Mutual Fund is advised to be preferred as it has high return than banks. Even if returns from the mutual fund could not satisfy the expense, it definitely will help you pay off the financial load.


Planning for child education involves a huge amount of money and can get a bit difficult and risky to handle. It is always a good idea to consult a financial advisory firm for planning your child’s education, including which mutual fund to invest in.


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