How to Make Yourself Debt-Free Quickly & Build Portfolio?

How to build an investment portfolio?

How to Make an Investment Portfolio?


Living with debt can feel draining. While many borrowers can find their credit card statements intimidating, for others it can be their loan balances. People tend to accumulate debt over time.  Some debts like a Home or a Car Loan are referred to as Secured Loans. But, sometimes, certain situations can force us to opt for high-cost debt, which can either be in the form of Credit-Card or borrowing from the market at very high-interest rates. Such situations can lead us into a debt trap which implies that we have more debt than we can repay.


However, turning your financial situation around requires some work. It requires commitment, strong self-discipline, and your get-out-of-debt plan. With the right financial prudence, you can always escape the debt trap.


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Here are a few smart tips to help you live a debt-free life:


  • Gather Your Data

The first and the most crucial step is to gather as much data about your finances as you can. Start with collecting copies of your credit reports and go through them. Take note of your credit score.


The most fundamental change is reshaping your attitude toward money and debt. In order to avoid digging a bigger hole of debt for yourself, it is important to understand the true cost of your unnecessary expenses and new loans. Adapt living on a cash basis while making these lifestyle changes. Don’t opt for another kind of debt until you settle your existing ones.


Dig out the recent statement for your existing debt, such as:


  • Student loans
  • Personal loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Credit cards


  • Build a Financial Inventory

With the documents that you gathered, create an inventory of your debts. This might seem stressful, but will be beneficial in your debt-busting action plan. List your existing debts by including the following data:

  • Add up all of your debts
  • Formulate a set number of months
  • Divide the total balance by the number of set months to get a monthly payoff figure.
  • Start settling your debt every month.


  • Track Your Spending

The next big step to get rid of your debt quickly is to comprehend where your money is going. Make the necessary budget cuts to understand the entire picture of what to pay for and how much to spend. It is best to track all the monthly bills and your daily spending. Don’t forget to add your debt payment obligations to this tracking list. There are several techniques to track your spending. They are as follows:

  • Use a budget worksheet
  • Keep notes of your spending
  • Use banking app trackers
  • Keep receipts

These methods will help you will remember your daily expenditure and provide a full picture of just how much money you can save.


  • Cut on Unnecessary Spending

Balance your income with less spending. Think again about that monthly subscription fee—do you really need it? Cut down on unnecessary expenses you do not require. Every little penny you save will go toward paying off your existing debt. You can always switch back on your spending when you are done with your repayment plan.


  • Create an Emergency Fund

Creating a small emergency fund can make you feel accomplished. Your emergency fund can also act as your shelter on a rainy day or cover up any financial difficulties in the future. Experts suggest keeping six months’ worth of expenses as an emergency fund. Over time, these practices will pay off and help to build yourself a little nest egg.


  • Get Professional Debt Help

Seek professional help to escape the debt trap. Approach professional debt counseling agencies that provide advisory services and offer repayment options. They help you create a budget and set your expenditure limits.


At Imperial Money, we provide professional debt consultation to our consumers willing to enter a debt management plan and help them become financially literate & reduce their debt. We, at Imperial Money, provide to people


With Imperial Money, it’s possible to escape the debt trap no matter how tough it looks. With just a few adjustments in your spending habits, you will develop those good saving habits. Resolve your worries and build your saving while paying off your debts with effective guidance.


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Remember, you don’t have to endure this alone. We are ready to help you build a debt repayment plan and get rid of your debt today.


Start this new phase of life without taking on new debt.




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