How to Reclaim Unclaimed Shares from IEPF

Claim your Shares from IEPF



Have you ever wondered if your shares have been transferred to the Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF) in India? If you wish to retrieve these unclaimed shares, here’s a comprehensive guide on reclaiming your dormant investments.


The Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF) stands as a trust fund established by the Government of India, aimed at safeguarding the interests of investors. Funded by unclaimed dividends, unpaid interest on matured deposits and debentures, as well as unclaimed shares, the IEPF holds these dormant assets awaiting rightful claimants.


How to Reclaim Unclaimed Shares from IEPF


  1. Check for Unclaimed Shares

To initiate the process, visit the IEPF website and search for your name in the list of unclaimed shares. If your name appears, it’s time to proceed with the claim process.


  1. Filing a Claim

Upon confirming unclaimed shares, download Form IEPF-5 from the IEPF website and duly fill it. Compile the required documents, including an acknowledgement generated on online submission, an Indemnity Bond, an Advance Stamped receipt, original matured deposit or debenture certificates, a self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card, and more as listed on the IEPF site.


  1. Submitting the Claim

Submit your completed claim form to the Nodal Officer of the company that issued the shares at its registered office. Alternatively, you can also opt to submit the claim form online through the IEPF portal.


  1. Receiving Your Shares

Once your claim is verified and approved, the IEPF will transfer the shares to your Demat account.



Essential Tips for Claiming Unclaimed Shares


  • Ensure the claim form is meticulously and accurately filled.


  • Attach all required documents as specified by IEPF.


  • Regularly follow up with the Nodal Officer and IEPF to track your claim’s progress.


  • For queries or issues, utilize IEPF customer support for guidance.


It’s crucial to note that IEPF doesn’t impose any fees for reclaiming unclaimed shares. However, you might incur stamp duty and other charges from the issuing company.


Claiming your unclaimed shares from the IEPF is a straightforward process, provided you adhere to the requisite steps and documentation. Retrieving your dormant investments is an essential financial step, ensuring your funds are rightfully in your possession.





Your unclaimed shares hold potential value, and retrieving them not only safeguards your financial portfolio but also unlocks opportunities for future investments or financial planning. As you navigate this process, Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd. is here to offer guidance and support.


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