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Imperial Finsol uniquely working on stock broking in a uniquely develop and design the broking style. we have very different & one of its kind state of art way of STOCKS MANAGEMENT way in which we are working with only 260 stock ideas at one time. we are not adding any new stock in our galaxy unless 1 is deleting from the list then only new one will get add in the family. With the acronym of FIRM-C is specifically design and developed by IMPERIAL FINSOL way of stocks management.

F - Fundamentally most unique and specific ideas in which business model is special & the product line up of the organisation need to be stong enough looking into the next 5 years horizon. The product pipeline has to be relevent and demand oriented and company should be market leader in the segment.

I - Identifying the most value stocks having great business model & value still not get unlocked. the process of this is very stringent and specific. No.of parameters on which Imperial Finsol researching and then adding in our galaxy of list of stocks.

R - Return on investment is one of the most important criteria on which we are working very closely. We are adding only stocks in our portfolio which is having highest ROI in the segment and making sure the stocks shall be a leader of the segment also.

M - Management of company has to be best in class. Before adding in our galaxy list we are making sure that the management of the organisation is depthful and very transparent.

C - Cash flow analysis s one of the very important indicator which makes stocks more strong. We follow this principle TOTO. We believe with this FIRM-C approach its all seasoned strategy works out very well. Either market is good or bad or flat we found that this strategy is working very smoothly. at below FIRM.

FIRM approach gives a result in 2 way.
1) Risk of loosing capital is getting lower and making money with the stock even in short term is higher.
2) Getting better risk reward ratio compared with index is higher.

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