Investing is Now Just a Few Clicks Away with Imperial Money App

Investing is now just a few

Everything is just a few clicks away these days! Since digitalization was introduced in our country, it has changed how things work, especially in the business world. Business is no longer just a physical entity. The internet has created a virtual world where each of us has our virtual identity and this gives a great platform for the organization to build their relationships with customers.


A decade ago, smartphones started the digital revolution and the concept of phone applications came into play. Irrespective of whether it’s a service or a product of the organization, applications and online platforms are some of the best ways to market the service or the product. These come in handy especially when it cuts out all the effort to travel places to get the work done.


Imperial Money Private Limited is a dedicated company that provides mutual fund services insurance, tax savings, NRI services, wealth creation, etc. In this competitive digital world, Imperial Money has also a great presence through mobile applications to reach out and guide their clients.


In recent times, Covid 19 has made us stay inside and carry out our work. Though it might have been a little difficult for some industries, it surely geared up the use of online applications to efficiently keep the work going. The other effect that recent times have had on people, especially in India, is creating awareness about and investments, and not just savings. Due to financial stability in many families, people now have financial resources and are ready to take risks to grow their money.


The mutual fund investment app is compatible with Android as well as IOS users. It is available on Google play store and Apple store as well. Clients can avail of various services through the application, Mutual Funds being the most prominent. The application is also user-friendly and easy to handle. Here’s how and what you can invest through the app-


– Get Sign up in minutes,

– One time KYC process within the app

– Buy, Sell, Shift mutual funds within the fund family.

– Buying a Systematic investment plan or doing the STP or SWP is just simple and easy.

– Invest in all mutual funds online for free

– Simple Design, Easy to understand

– Made for beginners and experts both

– Invest in the researched and ready-made basket of mutual funds recommended by experts with years together experience bringing for you.

– Latest finance news and insights, notifications


There’s also a feature which includes a little tutorial for the users to learn mutual fund investment with as low as Amount of Rs.500/- for your objective and planning of life the portfolio are the builder for giving one of the states of art experience. Along with this, a team of experts is right there to help you out with any types of issues.


Do you find managing credentials difficult?


Access your investments across multiple Mutual Funds through a Single Gateway. No more managing multiple PINs, Folios numbers, log-in ids.


– Mobile PIN & Pattern login – Simplified your Imperial Money App login process now. Just pick your preferred login methods – Mobile PIN, Pattern or Password right away

– Paperless Investing: Quick & paperless account creation and instant Activation. Within a couple of minutes, you are all set to ride the new wave of investing.

– Instant SIP: Once you are registered. It takes less than a minute to start a SIP.

– SIP Calculators: With the help of calculators plan your investment needs to achieve your Financial Goals.


First-time user?


Here’s a little guide to help the first time users can refer to after the installation of the application –

– Verify your KYC

* If the KYC is not available then use the following process


– Profile set up

– Invest in sip or lump-sum

– Need of KYC for mutual funds as per the process of the AMFI


What about security?


Imperial Money uses the latest security standards to ensure the security and privacy of the user’s data. The application is secure and does not store any information on your device or SIM card. Along with this, our team practices integrity and transparency towards the client to ensure the clients have a secure and comfortable environment to invest and grow their money. Moreover, Imperial Money does not charge the clients any commission fees for investing in Mutual Funds.


With all these facilities available to people just by sitting at their homes, everyone should plan to invest. The right moment to start investing is NOW! The sooner the better with proper planning, especially through an advisory firm.





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