Is Step Up SIP Better for Mutual Fund Investment?

Step Up SIP

Is Step Up SIP Better for Mutual Fund Investment?



Mutual Fund is an investment tool offered by financial institutions like banks and insurance companies to retail savers who don’t have sufficient money to invest in stocks or real estate.


The main objective of investing in a mutual fund is to get returns from capital markets which are higher than your savings rate. There are many types of mutual funds available but most popular among them are Equity Funds and Asset Management Funds or hybrid funds as they combine both of them. Smaller investors can now invest in mutual funds directly.


What is SIP?


SIP is called Systematic Investment Plan. Here you have to invest a certain amount such as monthly basis. When you start SIP first of all you need to decide the amount, the SIP date, and the scheme you want to invest in.


Other feature of SIP is known as Step up SIP. How does this change investment strategy and which Mutual funds should step up? This article discusses these issues and recommends some steps that you should take to benefit from the new option.


Step Up SIP – What is it?:-


Mutual fund companies now allow SIPs to step up. This means that you can now invest directly into mutual funds without converting your savings into government securities. You can also set up recurring deposits with Mutual fund companies to increase your investment in the long-run. With SIPs, you sign up for automatic recurring deposits to your mutual fund account. In this way, you can increase your investment over time without having to make a lump sum investment.


The SIP option is available to individuals and small business owners who wish to invest directly. The main advantage of using SIP is that it reduces the amount that you need to invest at a time. You can also choose between self-help and professionally managed mutual funds and make better investment decisions.


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Step up requirements:-


You must have a bank account where the fund company can directly debit your monthly payment. This could be your existing salary account or a separate account. You must also have a debit or credit card linked to your fund account. You can only use debit cards for SIPs. If you have a credit card linked to your fund account, the funds will get charge off and become your liability. You can set up SIPs only for selected fund companies. If you choose to use SIPs for a fund company that you do not have an account with, you will not be able to set it up. You have to open a separate account with that company.


Step up fee benefits:-


  • You can now invest in mutual funds without incurring upfront costs.
  • You can now get recurring investments on a monthly basis.
  • You can increase your investment over time without having to make a lump sum investment.





Step up fund returns:-


As there are no upfront costs and you get to make regular withdrawals from your fund, it is easy to calculate how much it will cost you each year as a percentage of your investment. You can calculate the profit or loss as a percentage of your investment by using the following formula: where Imperial Money Step Up Sip Calculator Showing the result of your SIP Investment If you invest Rs. 5,000/- per month for a period of 15 years with a Step-Up of investment 10% per year your SIP amount will grow to Rs. 57,09,554/-




We have highlighted the advantages of SIPs as well as a calculation of yearly interest as well as yearly withdrawal amounts. Now that you are aware of the features of SIPs, you can decide whether or if you would like to take advantage of this option. And remember, SIPs are ideal for investors who have a stable income and would prefer to make a regular monthly investment.


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