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Deep Gajbe

Deep Gajbe, Director

The Director at Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd., with multi-purpose personality and integration, attains expertise in Re-balancing portfolio and Retirement solutions. He has a profound working experience in ICICI Bank Ltd. and also has led the Intas Pharma Company as the Regional Manager. He attains an astonishing zeal towards sales and marketing, which has driven him towards a successful position in Imperial Money. Mr. Deep Gajbe, in the true sense, can be called a multitasker as he is an expert Trainer, interesting Blogger, Writer, and You Tuber who has been handling all these chores effectively. He has a firm belief in Knowledge and works on the principle that “Knowledge is the greatest asset of life.” He also believes that a “Precise implementation of knowledge in the correct direction can result in enormous success!”

Pratibha Gajbe, Director

Experience is what leads you to the highest stepping stones of achievements, and Mrs. Pratibha is the perfect example for the same. She is an Economics post-graduate who found her passion in Finance and Marketing. She acquired a genuine knack in the realm of Finance, as she has experience of 10 years in it. She is the one who has been working behind the curtain and lead Imperial Money to climb higher on the ladder of success effortlessly. She is the one who has put her consistent efforts to make the processing and systems from good to better and from better to best of Imperial Money. She is one of the strongest pillars of Imperial Money and contributed greatly to its business and success.

Jyoti Patwardhan, Director

Being a BCS graduate, the only things that have made Ms. Jyoti Patwardhan competent enough to handle diverse domains of Business Finance are her efforts and experience. She has been toiling hard for years to lead the company to a higher position than ever. She has earned a promising mastery in Finance and Marketing Sector, as she has been working as a Head of Marketing Department and has led the team to earn greater returns. Also, she has been the Operations Head since the company was incorporated and was promoted as the Director of the company in 2018 due to her consistent and remarkable functioning.

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