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No one is born knowing how to save or to invest. Every successful investor starts with the basics—the information in this brochure. A few people may stumble into financial security—a wealthy relative may die, or a business may take off. But for most people, the only way to attain financial security is to save and invest over a long period. Time after time, people of even modest means who begin the journey reach financial security and all that it promises: buying a home, educational opportunities for their children, and comfortable retirement. If they can do it, so can you!


What are the things you want to save and invest in?
• a home
• a car
• an education
• a comfortable retirement
• your children
• medical or other emergencies
• periods of unemployment
• caring for parents


Make your list and then think about which goals are the most important to you. List your most important goals first. Decide how many years you have to meet each specific goal because when you save or invest you’ll need to find a savings or investment option that fits your time frame for meeting each goal.


A mutual fund or ETF is a pool of money run by a professional or group of professionals called the “financial planner.” In a managed fund, after investigating the prospects of many companies, the fund’s investment adviser will pick the stocks or bonds of companies and put them into a fund. Investors can buy shares of the fund, and their shares rise or fall in value as the values of the stocks and bonds in the fundraising and fall. Investors may typically pay a fee when they buy or sell their shares in the fund, and those fees in part pay the salaries and expenses of the professionals who manage the fund.


Even small fees can and do add up and eat into a significant chunk of the returns a Fund is likely to produce, so you need to look carefully at how much fund costs and think about how much it will cost you over the amount of time you plan to own its shares. If two funds are similar in every way except that one charges a higher fee than the other, you’ll make more money by choosing the fund with the lower annual costs.


When a person invests it generally thinks that money gets blocked, but it is getting invested. A person needs to understand that fund is taken care of by the financial planner that has the same work 24*7. Any person can enjoy easy access to your money. It gives flexibility and transparency. We can take out money easily. The Financial Planner operates it, however, the entire control over the mutual funds is enjoyed by you. So, your instructions and decisions play a very important role. We can also give standing instruction to take out the fund, it can be taken out on a particular date and time as specified by the investor. We can also start with a minimum fund and increase the amount later.


Investing makes it possible for your money to work for you. In a sense, your money has become your employee, and that makes you the boss. You’ll want to keep a close watch on how your employee, your money, is doing. Some people like to look at the stock quotations every day to see how their investments have been done. That’s probably too often. You may get too caught up in the ups and downs of the “trading” value of your investment, and sell when its value goes down temporarily—even though the performance of the company is still stellar. Remember, you’re in for the long haul. Some people prefer to see how they’re doing once a year.


That’s probably not often enough. What’s best for you will most likely be somewhere in between, based on your goals and your investments. But it’s not enough to simply check an investment’s performance. You should compare that performance against an index of similar investments over the same period to see if you are getting the proper returns for the amount of risk that you are assuming.



Happy Investing!!!


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