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While there are several loan plans for everything, nothing encompasses the financial assistance services after retirement. As the cost of living keeps increasing today, your life will witness major changes by the time you reach your old age. Maintaining the same living standards, the regular expenses reduce, but your household expenses and medical bills will take up a significant section of your savings.

With the changing time, your risk-bearing capacity decreases along with the decreasing returns on your existing savings, while a major chunk of your income goes into taxes. Therefore, you should start considering ways to build passive income right from the beginning of your career. As your portfolio gets stronger with experience, your retirement phase can be smoother. Remember, the goal of having an ideal retirement plan is to achieve absolute financial independence.
At Imperial Money, we feel client must be those dedicated to building resources and backups so that theycanhence enhanced quality of life, even after retirement. They need to develop a wealth and asset preservation plan after consulting the tax and legal advisors. Clients need to take into consideration several personal factors like pension and assets to develop a detailed retirement plan.

Following a 4-step process of retirement planning can help you in these ways:

  • Assess a particular retirement age after which you can conveniently live off your savings
  • Identify the actions to improve your readiness to retire
  • Attain practical financial planning knowledge
  • Encourage more saving practices

Instead of waiting for a big raise or promotion to begin saving, it is crucial to start saving from a young age. The two main benefits that young savers get are:

  • Rupee Cost Averaging
  • Compounding

In mutual funds, there are several options to make your retirement smoother. Some retirement benefit mutual funds offer insurance; while some work on the auto mode, i.e., based on your age, it adjusts the asset allocation. The fund manager makes other important changes so that you have plenty of savings after retirement.

The Monte Carlo Method

One of the most common mathematical models used to predict long-term investment behavior is the Monte Carlo method. It is mostly beneficial for planning a client’s retirement and the finances associated with it. It can identify the competency of several investments to determine retirement readiness and help make several strategic decisions.

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