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Fund managers approach various strategies to manage the equity in the portfolio, some of which are the Value Approach, Growth Style, Quality Style, Bottom-Up Approach, and Top-Down Approach. Equity is simply the backbone of the economy and can be enhanced by investing in the right stock at the right time at the right valuation. Before managing equity, we have to analyze
  • The company products
  • Its business model, and,
  • The critical elements of the business.

When all these three aspects are good to go, most of the work is finished in managing the equity.
The business cycles across the world, as well as the stocks, are dynamic in nature. So in perceivable terms, some stocks may seem to be cheap, but they are technically expensive, and vice versa. At Imperial Money, we believe in diversification of portfolio for better risk adjusted returns is essential, and thus, we also follow a dynamic strategy in the equally market.

With our research team’s detailed analysis of the ecosystem, our clients understand the markets and clearly see why, when, which, and how much stock to buy and sell.
Our equity portfolio philosophy also focuses on several strategies for stocks. “Stock picking” is the concept of focusing on the evaluation of a stock keeping the financial security as well as the business prospects of the client in mind. This way, our clients invest in some stocks with considering the market and economic changes, moving into defensive stocks, and putting cash in the undervalued markets.

Our dedicated team focuses on a fundamental equity value analysis, assessing the business prospects, noticing the track record of a company and its management. There is also a detailed study of the business’s operational environment, thus reviewing all the public data and third-party research work on the company.
We are the sub-broker with smc global securities ltd. Investment in securities and commodities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing. SMC Global Securities Ltd. (CIN : U67120DL1997PLC188881): Pratibha Gajbe–AP0820097901 And stoxkart product of Moneywise Finvest Limited CIN No.: U67100UP2009FLC088874. Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd. – BDSTX0600

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