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Financial Planning

The concept of financial planning is the development and implementation of comprehensive plans for achieving persons overall financial and personal objectives. MOST PEOPLE ARE IN NEED OF FINANCIAL PLANNING.THEY HAVE VARIOUS FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL GOALS THEY WANT TO ATTAIN FOR THEMSELVES, THEIR FAMILIES, and perhaps for charitable entities and others. Financial planning is a lifelong process which aims to impart techniques and plans that enables an individual or an entity to fulfil all the possible goals in systematic prudent manner.

Risk Profiling of Investors
  • Asset Allocation (Life Cycle Model)
  • Asset Allocation Strategies (Strategic, Tactical, Life-cycle based)
  • Goal-based Financial Planning, Active and Passive Investment Strategies
  • Develop a plan to generate cash flow for clients short and long term needs

Common Myths in Financial Planning Approach
The following are some of the common Myths made by consumers in their approach towards Financial Planning
  • Don’t set measurable goals.
  • Make a financial decision without understanding its affect on other financial issues.
  • Confuse Financial Planning with investing.
  • Neglect to re-evaluate their Financial Plan periodically.
  • Think that Financial Planning is only for the wealthy.
  • Think that Financial Planning is for when they get older.
  • Think that Financial Planning is the same as retirement planning.
  • Wait until a money crisis to begin Financial Planning.
  • Expect unrealistic returns on investments.
  • Think that using a Financial Planner means losing control.
  • Believe that Financial Planning is primarily tax planning.

The Process:

During your initial meeting with us we will present our terms of business and explain how we work. If we agree to work with each other and prepare a Wealth Management Plan we will commit to a rigorous six step planning process followed by actual implementation and timely review process.

1. Data Gathering: Establishing details about your assets and liabilities, income and expenditure. Understanding arrangements already in place and attitude to investment risk.

2. Goal Setting: Helping you to establish your goals and aspirations for the short and long term.Understanding your commitment to meeting your objectives

3. Define the terms of engagement: For us to provide you with Wealth Manager services, we need to definethe terms of engagement, the service deliverables and the fees that we will charge the client for our services.

4. Identification of Needs: We will analyze your current position and assess any gaps in your situation. Next we will identify what needs to be done to meet your objectives.

5. Report Preparation: Our analysis and recommendations are presented in a written report.This forms the basis of a formal review at which we agree on an action plan.

6. Analyzing the opportunities and challenge: Analyzing the opportunities and challenges is explaining the client the risk factors associated with each investment alternative that the wealth manager purposes.

7. Implementation: Effecting the plan will invariably involve new and changed arrangements.We liaise with providers and other professionals to implement the agreed plan.

8. Review and Revision: Wealth management is a long term plan that requires regular annual review. Changes in your circumstances are considered as well as fund performance.

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Wealth management the most important part is transparency & Knowledgeable solution which addresses the clients need, So we at Imperial Finsol truly believe in need based solutions.