General Insurance or Non-life Insurance

General insurance or non-life insurance policies are made for everyone who wants a risk-free life, keeping all their belongings secure – otherwise, we are surrounded by risks. All our tangible assets can easily be damaged, so to protect their economic value against unforeseen situations, general insurance is purchased.

There are various types of general insurances, like:

Health Insurance

The most common form of insurance, health insurance is to protect your greatest asset in life – your health. With decent premium plans, you can get:

  • Cash-free hospitalization in 10000+ hospital across the country (HDFC Ergo)
  • Reimbursements of expenses in the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization stages
  • UNIQUE daycare procedure to take care of around 130 minor surgeries that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization
  • Reimbursement of ambulance expense to the nearest hospital with required emergency health facility

Motor Insurance

  • Motor insurance offers you protection from any financial loss caused by the damage to your vehicle.
  • It protects you from all liability towards third parties for personal injuries.
  • The entire procedure is cashless and hassle-free.
  • For any accident involving your vehicle, you get protection on account of property damage and death.

Travel Health Insurance

Even when your entire travel schedule is planned, a lot can come down without any alert. To save you from any sudden illness, financial emergency, or loss of baggage, travel health insurance can come in handy. You are surely safe from all such emergencies no matter what.

Personal Accident

There is no telling of when accidents happen. Be it temporary damage or permanent loss, both can leave your family and friends scarred. It’s better to take an insurance cover.

Home Insurance

Your house is your safest haven, but things can go wrong anytime, anywhere. Be it the pang of a natural calamity or the results of any human error, your house can be insured and covered against all harms at meager premium rates.

Life Insurance

Probably the most preferred form of insurance, life insurance is actually the Plan B one can have for life. There are several health risks, financial troubles, and accidents that we cannot save ourselves against. While life insurance cannot help you with the emotional toll that comes along with such challenges, it can help you by softening the economic crisis. It is an efficient risk management tool as well, so you should definitely consider it and be prepared for all that is to come.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before taking up an insurance scheme:

  • Try to keep the highest possible term even if it is slightly expensive.
  • Keep the maturity age longer, and do not seek to make money out of insurance policies.
  • Do not buy the first insurance plan that you find. Always conduct market research or connect with the Imperial Money service providers to help you get the best premium rates for super coverage.
  • Go for the plan that has a lower premium, depending on your expense capacity.
  • If required, do not hesitate to undergo some medical tests.
  • Pay the premiums annually to stay insured under the policies that you choose.
  • Inform the nominees and keep them updated as well.

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