The GOOD or BETTER Choice is Yours…

The GOOD or BETTER Choice is Yours

It’s our Rights to Build the Assets and our Prime Responsibility to Manage those Assets which we build with a lot of Hard Work and Dedication. There is always the thought that which asset class is better & we Indians are always fond of saving in those asset classes where the guaranteed returns are probable. Now the world is changing & even the fare of OLA and UBER is Dynamic also Hotel tariff, Train & Airfare, rates of Zomato, Swiggy, Telecom all are Dynamic.


Real Estate becomes now a long-term asset class, the valuation of startups is in billions, and FD instead of giving returns on Investment now it is Eating our own money in respect of Inflation. Ex. Germany’s bank deposit rates are net negative 0.38%. So the world is changing. So in this tough time what is the better, safe, and probable asset class that will be going to give better returns? Sooner or Later we need to change the way we save and invest.


So why not today? Start investing in Debt Asset Class which is more Probable, Better, Safe and in a 3-year time horizon it not only give better returns than FD but also it saves your Tax substantially, which certainly leads to better alpha & long term wealth creation. So, instead of Fixed Deposit (FD) now Debt Funds (DF) are Better, Convenient and Profitable with Equal Safety, Security, Liquidity and offering Indexation benefit leads to Better Wealth Creating Asset. Now you need to do better Micro-management of your Assets. Plan your liquidity as per your requirement of funds. Just like we normally plan our journey and keep the clothes in the bag as per priority. For a better understanding here I am giving the option of funds as per the time horizon, one needs to choose while investing.


Happy Investing!!!


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