Top 12 Investment Lessons to Learn From Soccer

Top 12 Investment Lessons to learn from Soccer.

12 Investment Lessons to Learn From Soccer:


Soccer is the world’s most popular game and touches more than 9 billion hearts with excitement and passion. Soccer is the world’s most iconic game. But have you ever thought about it? What are those heart-touching reasons and why it has so much deep connection with soulful feelings to watch and enjoy? Across all age groups of life. Have you ever thought that we can also learn some great financial, wealth creation as well as investment lessons from this game? Definitely not! So yes Let us tell you what we can learn from this game of Soccer.


Investment Lessons to learn from Soccer


Jeff Bezos said, “Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet
every time.”


1) Let’s decode this quote.


In this quote, Jeff is telling that if people have to try 100 times just to clear the doubt of 10% chance then one must never stop trying.


The same thing happens in soccer; the player has to try 100 times just to complete that 10% chance of a goal.


Then What Investment lessons can we learn from this?


– If people have to wait years and years to see the power of compounding on the money they have invested, then you must take that chance because that wait can make you Super Rich.


2) Soccer is a ready-to-play game that you can play anywhere with almost no Money and passionately. Such as Mutual funds which you can buy from any part of the world and endurance for the long term even as small as 100 rupees.


3) Soccer is more of a player-focused game, just the same investment is always Product focused.


4) The more conservative player you will add to your team, the environment of the team will become conservative. On the other hand, if you add the more versatile team player to your team, the team will perform great in all ways. Altogether your team performance depends on the player you choose.


What Investment lessons can be learned from this?


If you are thinking of a small investment for a short-term investment in the fundamentally wrong fund then your returns will be 100% small or lost. Whereas, If you invest a minimum or long amount for a long term in a fundamentally strong fund, then your returns will be much better than you have thought of.


Investing Lessons to learn from Soccer
Source: Google

5) One Player can change the entire result of the game at the last minute, similar to how a single value-oriented fund can change the entire returns of the portfolio in a 1-year time frame.


Investment Lessons to learn from Soccer
Source: Google

6) In our mind Soccer is more of a Passion that drags people to watch this game. Fans are deeply involved and it is a matter of pride and sense of ownership people carry about this game. Once a team wins fans have the sense of winning amongst them too. It is very similar to investment too, when you attain your financial freedom, you feel proud, and you want to invest or save the money for the future as it is your passion for a lifetime to become
a wealthy and proud person to attain goals. Its passion is to be Financial free from worries of


“Robert D. Arnott, a great investor said, “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely
profitable.” – play hard and win the match”


Investment lessons by Robert D. Arnott
Source: Google

7) In soccer if you only focus on defending then you all know what’s going to happen you can never score a goal. In order to goal you have to apply both things, you have to defend as well as attack also.


In Investing in order to become financially wealthy and independent you need to focus on research and execution. Not only on just one thing.


8) Soccer is a relatively very safe game as compared to any other game which carries the danger of accidents. The mutual fund even Sahi hai as it’s safe & secure. Only you need to give them time to make sure you can have amazing returns in your portfolio.


9) The game of soccer gives us the learning of the safe and steady when the opponent is in the attacking mode just like to be in debt and liquid funds, which gives us safe & steady returns when the market is in an expensive zone.


10) In soccer, there is a consistent approach, not just one time or one match or one goal. Same
as consistent investing through a Systematic Investment Plan. Planning, Positioning, Perseverance the efforts with amazing synchronization amongst the players are the most important aspect of soccer, same with your asset allocation of the funds and the right weightage to the right segment as per the risk-taking ability which you carry for yourself, this will decide Aapka Jitana To Tay Hai.


11) Soccer is an all-players game and sport for everyone, with no issues of Cast, Religion & Place. Investing in Mutual Funds is similar to playing soccer. Most important, even equal opportunity for all.


12) You have limited resources or players that are 11 players only can play in a match as your earnings are limited and in that only you need to make sure to play in fullest form.


The correct allocation of the right player at the right place is needed for an hour else the match will be on the toss.


The same correct mix of equity and debt is required while building the portfolio. There is no rule of this as it has been defined by the personal thought process and the way someone likes to make it.


In nutshell, the Soccer game is Big, Bold, and Beautiful this very strongly relates to life and investing.


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