Top 3 Personal Finance Lessons to Learn from Russia Vs Ukraine War

Top 3 Personal Finance Lessons to Learn from Russia Vs Ukraine War

Personal Finance Lessons to Learn from Russia & Ukraine War:


War nobody wants, however just after the 2 years of the pandemic of covid we are coming across the new challenge in front of the global citizens just because of 2 countries having their own interests to fight with each other, and India can’t be immune in the global diaspora. 


However, we need to analyze this event in much deeper sense, it’s time to connect it with the life as it is already be the part of you and us and 2 questions which arises before us is


Things we’ll be talking about:


1) How much dent will this war give us?

2) What we learn from this war in a deeper sense. 

3) Most Importantly, why did Russia attack Ukraine?


This is to beat bigger questions however in my point of view this is having 2 issues.


  •  Its national security and the risk of western countries destabilizing the Russian subcontinent with deploying arms and military bases in Ukraine.
  •  NATO is adding members consistently without the consent of Russia. 


So, we must learn that whether we are financially secure or not, someone is destabilizing my present and my future is intact or not called inflation, and future earnings too.


The lesson from Ukraine, who is so much dependent on  friendly countries like the European Union and USA and NATO forces.


  • Don’t depend on anyone and believe in your own strength. 
  • Build your own arsenal.
  • Strengthen your own military power inside the country.

So do not depend on a single income, build your own source of other income and not to be dependent on anyone to whom we can’t trust including cooperative banks or nbfc or hand loan.

Control your money with liquid assets like mutual funds and debt funds which are under your control. Pseudo assets will not give you help when actually you need it.

Friendship – to whom you are banking in life is again another lesson which this war is giving to all of us.

People will clap for you, make the party with you, use your assets to build their military base in your country and when it comes with help all countries will give you few conditional help as they are helpless. 


On the other hand Russia was always helpful to Ukraine even after partition and is its biggest trade partner with Ukraine. However Ukraine is the one who wants to go to the EU and allow its land to be used against Russia. 


Now this is something dual personality disorder in our view. In this tough time nobody is there with Ukraine at the same time Russia is not stopping its attacks on Ukraine. so nobody is there with Ukraine now on either side.

We must analyze who is our true friend and who will help us out. This is one of the biggest mistakes Ukraine made in the last 20 years of their existence for which they are paying the price now. Understand what products in the financial services we need and which products will use our assets in the name of friendship. 


Last but most important, Ukraine is divided into three ethic groups


  1.  Pro European 
  2.  Pro Russian
  3.  Both

72% of citizens had chosen Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the president just because he played the role in one drama.

We must understand that  just because of one dream nobody can become a good politician and leader to lead the country and in our view Zelenskyy has created a huge mess in the country now.

Any country needs a seasoned politician who has great relationship understanding  at global level and requires in- depth know-how of global politics as well. He must know the strength and the weakness of the country and the possible damage to the country as well with every single step.

Why this happened is because of sheer non planning, non literacy of regional politics, non relationship and back up of the friendship between countries and biggest is non communication with the country having possible threat. 


The same thing applies to personal finance too- 


We must have proper planning for self, a good depthful level of understanding of the financial products, we need a good advisor and mutual fund distributor as well as planner, and understand the possible risk.

We feel communication is most important to whomsoever we are trusting and asking questions has to be there with us. I am sure in another few days this war will end, however this has ripple effects at global level, a lot of ties and relationships will change over the period of time, but the message is loud and clear that we need to build ourselves stronger to fight with any combat in future. 



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