What is HLV Calculator? Get to know the steps to calculate HLV

What is HLV Calculator? | Get to know the steps to calculate HLV

What is HLV Calculator?


HLV Calculator tells you a number about the current value of your future household expenses, personal liabilities and value of your investments.


In case an individual is no longer around, this HLV number helps to know how much money would be required to secure the lives of dependents.


Who invented HLV (HLV calculator)?


Dr. Solomon S. Huebner discovered the concept of HLV calculator (Human life value calculator) in 1911 as the part of a campaign to increase life insurance sales and make it more affordable to many more people.


So, he created the HLV standard method of calculating health Insurance.


Calculate your Human Life Value at Imperial Money-



Metrics used to calculate HLV?


1} Age and Gender.

2} Your Work, This is Important because by your work it gets an idea about your risk bearing ability.

3} Retirement age- this gives an idea about the time you have for your investments.

4}  Income history, annual increment.

Finally, we take into account your spouse’s life information and your financial obligations towards children’s education or other expenses

HLV (Human Life Value) puts a number to an important question.



What is the economic price of your life?


In life insurance, it’s important to measure your economic worth.


Your HLV is the rupee value of your economic worth in terms of what you create for the people who depend on you.


So if your life is cut short, you want to be sure that those who depend on you will have enough money to carry on.




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