What is Meaning of Fear in Investment?

What is meaning of fear in Investment?

We always have a question that when it comes to the word FEAR why don’t we feel like Feeling Excited and Ready or Face Everything & Recover or Force, Excited, Achieved & Rejuvenates. So let’s talk about what is meaning of fear in investment?


What is Meaning of FEAR?


Fear is something which gives a feeling of weak, low & inferior and whenever we come across this word, we have a feel of down or something which everyone wants to keep away from that object which creates this kind of feeling & generates a negative mindset.


The way we look at this word FEAR is the very urgent need of an hour to change the mindset as whenever we interact with clients it happened very frequently that they look at us that we are speaking something which is not possible and the route cause of this lies in the way we had upbringing & grooming.


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The reason is simple: our surrounding atmosphere is like that and it touted us likewise, that’s a reason we feel with this word.


Today we want to connect you with the new terminology that is what is meaning of FEAR in Investment? Something in a deeper sense of changing the way we look at this and connect with the positive attributes in connection of wealth creation as well.


So many people ask that what is the true meaning of wealth for you and we always give them the example that Wealth from 1 lakh to 1 crore. is enormous for any common person who is earning average wages of 15k to 50k per month.


However, once you achieve the size of your portfolio, 10 crores or more. After that from 10 cr or 100 cr. It’s just a number nothing else. But it needs to require changing the way we think and to say that, we must build a portfolio of that size.


What is meaning of fear in Investment? 


F – should stand for Financial Freedom. This must be one of the biggest objectives of life. This aim should get started with the first salary or first earning of the person. He may be salaried or a businessman or self-employed doesn’t matter. You must keep your first target towards this and need to build the plan, set the goal and connect with someone who will help you out to understand the deeper sense of the urgency in an early stage of the lifecycle.


E – should stand for Educate & Embrace yourself for your aim in a better and dynamic way to ensure that your path and journey and tracking of the goal must be right. It happened so many times in the journey of life we may deviate from the fundamental attributes of life, so Education of financial literacy will go to make sure that things will not be going to derail. And the path will be absolutely on track. You can even term it as evolution as well.


A – stand for Adopt, Arise, Awake, and Act on every single opportunity which you are looking into the market and having the amazing value in it. As an organization, Imperial Money Pvt. Ltd. strongly believes in the value approach, which builds the amazing alpha in your portfolio over some time. The research shows that the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.


R – stands for rejuvenating for the retirement life. Reshape all your routine and reimagine the way you were living life and the way you want to live it now. Resonate your inner sense of spirituality and connect with nature. Rebalance your portfolio the way you need at this point and taste the fruits of the trees which you had been growing up with for so long tenure of your life.


To some of us anything which we do, we must make sure to look at the way and then the things will work the way we want. So today onwards do change the way you look at What is meaning of fear in Investment?


We hope you like the way we described ‘What is meaning of fear in Investment?’  If yes do check out our new blogs on financial things which will help you in your future.





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