Who Do You Listen?

Who Do You Listen


Once two boys were traveling in a jungle. They saw a well. The elder boy while drawing water to drink fell into the well. The younger boy was in a panic.

He looked around to see if he could find help.

Alas, there was no one to help.

So he threw a rope down into the well and with his tender hands began pulling his friend out of the well. It was no mean task but with a lot of effort and determination, he successfully pulled him out.


How could he do such an enormous task which normally children of his age would’ve given up?


He could do it because there was nobody around to tell him that he was too small to perform this task. It is the environmental noise that puts a brake on our potential.


Moral for Personal Finance

Many times we break our investment due to the influence of people around us. The moment the market is uncertain, noises float around us warning us to pull out or else all will be gone.

The ‘noise’ of the environment breaks our determination to hold our investment for long.

On 2% of people hold investments for over 10 years and reap the benefit of long-term investing.

Had there been nobody around like it was for the small child pulling his brother out of the well, then certainly a larger percentage of people would have held their investment for a longer period and reaped huge returns for their patience.


Happy Investing!!!


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