Why an Advisor Is Needed For Making Us Do Nothing

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As men and as women, we love action. We love doing new things. Movement is fun. Being stagnant is seen as a failure. We love to discard our old clothes and buy new ones. We love to change our cars every couple of years. These days we also love to change our jobs. We get tired of the same food, the same kind of holidays, the same kind of work, etc. This is the new Social Media bred generation who have less and less patience. However, the most important, the most vital, the most crucial ingredient for wealth creation happens to be “patience”. The magic formula of wealth creation is “fill it, shut it, forget it.” This goes quite contrary to the trend of “movement” and “change”. In times of such frenetic activity, the whole notion of “forget it” sounds so boring. However, in life, doing boring things is also very important. Exercises are boring. Hence a trainer helps to ensure that we are in the gym and are working out.


Children find studies boring. Teachers aren’t just meant to educate but also are meant to see that the children do boring studies repeatedly and eventually excel in their exams. “Discipline” is the virtue of life that stands on the pedestal looking down upon “Intelligence”. Being intelligent is good but being disciplined separates the professional from the amateur. Likewise as mentioned above, in the journey of “wealth creation”, being disciplined plays the most crucial role. Investing in the same scheme month after month despite the investment value either remaining stagnant or even climbing down is no mean feat. Our instinct based upon the prevailing trend, based upon our impatience, will always want us to do something new; perhaps to sell the scheme and to buy something new. It is quite impossible to do the boring thing of remaining invested and continuing to invest regularly in the same stagnant scheme. After all, isn’t it boring to get of bed and go for our daily exercises? But the moment you think about your trainer and his impending phone call and his nagging, you just have no other way before you but to climb out of your slumber and head towards the gym. We do not need a trainer, a teacher, or a guide to make us do new things.


Their requirement stems from the need to do the same boring things day in and day out. In the case of personal finance, a lot of people question the need for a financial advisor. Why need a Financial Advisor when all that we need to do is continue that boring SIP for the next 15 years. Why pay somebody to ensure that we do nothing new but continue with investing in the same scheme month after month. This is exactly the reason why we need a financial advisor. He is the person who will stop us from trying something new which is our natural behavior pattern. He will ensure that we do not get affected by the news that flows into our lives through television, print, social media, and the internet. He will ensure that come what may, we just continue to invest, invest and invest. What perhaps looks like an easy task is the most difficult thing to do because it is going against our instinct and the prevailing trend and mood. This is the FUNDAMENTAL reason why you need a Financial Advisor.


Remember the power of compounding reveals its magic only after 10 to 12 years and bestows upon us unimaginable wealth. But staying invested for this long period is quite a superhuman effort. Isn’t it? Happy Investing!


Happy Investing!!!


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